Projects – Väinö

Welcome to the Social Robotics Bioloid-like robot body test demo from TAMK 2012 (Demola project). This avatar robot can simulate emotional, and other, body gestures and poses with it's 18 degrees of freedom (i.e. just like a real bioloid robot it has 18 actuators that can rotate this way or that to a precise position). There are two modes of operation: standalone and networked. See the bundled readme file for more details.

The action list UI widget is on the left. Click on an action and see it performed. Scroll up and down so access all the actions. Because the actual physical bioloid robot understands sets of exactly 256 actions/commands/presets, and because we use exactly the same action definition file format for our avatar as for the real robot, the action list shows all 256 slots available. Not all of these are used (you'll see blanks). Not all of the remainder are useful (some are leftovers from previous experiments and factory settings).

Not all of the remainder of that work well. The complete long list of commands is given in the demo app UI and also in the bundled readme file. However, a small set of 9 basic expressions do work well and simply (see the table below). Beyond these 9 expressions, play with the long list so see what commands work, and how they work.