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Commercial and Industrial Partnerships and Applications

Almost all our projects involve industrial or commercial partners, some as partners and others as consultants or subcontractors. We are always able and eager to to engage in discussions and pilots with organisations interested in our work and what it can do for them.

Consulting and workshops, joint projects through external funding, and subcontracting are straight forward ways for us to up scale our involvement. Each year we apply for regional, national and international funding, mostly through partnerships with companies and universities and welcome enquiries about joining consortia.

Research and University Partnerships and Collaborations

We also engage in knowledge sharing, informal collaborations and funded partner projects with other universities. Our location in Tampere has allowed us to foster excellent relationships with several departmenst and groups in the other Tampere Universities.

We have good connections to the remainder of Finland and Japan, and aim to strengthen other international ties such as to the UK and Germany. Contact is always welcome, whether curiosity, benchmarking, looking for collaboration, or consortium and project building for EU or other bids.

Student Involvement and Education Engagement

We always welcome interests and contributions from design, business, engineering, physiotherapy and many other students. We have actively engaged in TAMK and TUT courses, and regularly provide, coach and mentor Demola projects in Tampere.

Our senior staff supervise and coach thesis work at Bachelors, Masters and PhD level where this is clearly useful to the student and takes advantage of our skills and interests.

TAMK offers student exchanges for visiting and its own students. As part of that we are delighted to host students from Miyagi University, Japan to TAMK each year for a fortnight program of study and eductaional visits (e.g. the 2012 groups).

Get Hired

From time to time, we hire full and part time positions. See below, whether there are currently open positions and check also TAMK job openings page for opportunities.

Job Openings

At the moment there are no job openings, but you can always send an open application to us: rod.walsh(at)

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