Social Robotics

Welcome to Social Robotics at TAMK!

At Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) we are working on technologies, applications, pilots and business cases for social robotics. Take a look at the apps, demos, projects and news to get a feel for what we are doing.

We engage in applied research, design, development, evaluations, pilots (with living labs) and commercial readiness - in partnership with industry, universities and 3rd sector organisations.
Our focus is towards technologies, health and wellness applications, and industrial/commercial enablers, and specifics vary from project to project. Some themes included in our work are:

NURSE ROBOTOur Future Nurses

Robots are already keeping company and comforting us – in the future they will nurse us in hospitals and help us with rehabilitation.
They know if you are feeling better or worse even before you do!

TRAINER ROBOTEasy and motivating

Out of shape? This robot will know what is the best training just for you! It will know you training regime and how fatigued you are. It will cheer and motivate you through your workout.

GUIDE ROBOTSYour interest is their interest

No more boring museum visits, no more getting lost in a new city, thanks to the social guide robots! The robots will help you when you need guidance and it will actually know what things interest you and things that don't.

WELL-BEING ROBOTYour best interest in mind

Your well-being robot will go with you everywhere and it will keep you company. It recognizes if you are looking stressed or tired and it will recognize changes in your medical state; even warn you about an upcoming seizure.


Your Assistant For Easier Training

Physiotraining App

Android based application for physiotherapy purposes. Physiotraining will guide you through various excercises.

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Virtual Väinö Emotional Body


Väinö was created to simulate both physical and virtual robots and compare the differences.

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Interactive Social Robot Demo


ILO's sole purpose in life and this project was to simulate a social robot. ILO works in a question-aswer basis.

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Adorable and life changing


Hideki Kozima's Keepon can help autistic children and is also a very effective platform for social robotics.

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